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 Sujet du message: beautiful China. Compared
 Message Publié: 11 Oct 2018, 04:18 

Inscription : 26 Juin 2018, 03:39
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beautiful China. Compared with the natural scenery without artificial carving, the human landscape makes the beautiful China more human. Jinling Garden, Guangling Old Trail, Qinling Pottery, Great Wall, Red Wall Green Tile, Zigzag Veranda. Walking on the land of China, every scene is worth our wait and see. Just talk about our hometown Zhapu. Danxia Xiaoguilin - Simeng 40 square kilometers Danxia scenery How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, the scenery is intoxicating.mountains here are like the beautiful scenery of Guilin; the water here is as clear and clear as the Lijiang River Newport Cigarettes Price. The scenery here is more natural than the Guilin, and it has the beauty of nature and the beauty of its characteristics.tain of Simmon is a typical Danxia landform. From the town of Zhangpu County, take a wooden boat and sail along the west side of the river. There are bright red, deep red and red mountains, standing on the river and in various forms. In the spring breeze, Lange, and blue waves, some are like the Buddha chanting, some are like the fairy Lingbo, and some are like beasts and birds, stretching a beautiful picture. Ascending the distance, the peaks and valleys here are like a galloping horse.ater of Simmon is wide and gentle. Li Yingchang, deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Tourism Society, looks forward to the water and enjoys the poem: "Wen Dao Ling is involved in the lake Carton Of Cigarettes, and Ting Lan shore is in the water. The fairy wind is dyed by Si Mengbi, and Yaochi should be seen twice."beautiful scenery of Zhapu is more than this one, and there is the fascinating Feishui Cave, the commemorative ��Longtan Anti-Japanese War Memorial Garden��.e scenery of the hometown beautiful, but the specialty is also famous.s of the umbilical blood orange of Zhapu is smooth with redness, the flesh is blood red, rich in hemoglobin, vitamins, rich in juice, rich in rose scent, kiwi fruit is thin and rich, contains a variety of vitamins, the current annual output 100,000 tons, the fragrant soft and delicious made with Longtan glutinous rice, white as snow, pulled like silk, soft as cotton, was once a royal tribute. It��s really coveted!e China, affectionate. For five thousand years, the patriotic spirit has always run through between the Chinese people and the motherland. Unity and unity, peace-loving, hardworking and courageous, self-improvement and self-improvement are all manifestations of patriotism. "The country is dying and dying." The country is in dire straits. Countless writers use sheep's soft hair as a knife and a gun, and use blood as ink, flying dragons and phoenixes, and passion. Numerous military commanders shook hands to kill the enemy steel knives, turned over and fought on the battlefield, and the horses were still unswerving. "Why do I always have tears in my eyes? Because I love this land deeply." The profound love of China for the Chinese children has created a heavy national character. Patriotism, affection, friendship, and national sentiment add a strong flavor to the beautiful China Marlboro Gold Pack. The heroes in their hometowns are really hard to forget. The anti-Japanese heroes gave the police, the founding of the country to China, the geographer Yan Ruzhen, the modern fire three martyrs and so on will always be in our hearts. In addition to these people who are attracted to the attention of the people, there is another group of people around us who have no aura of shining, but they are paying their own labor in obscurity for the order of our lives, such as the cleaning that has been painstakingly cleaned on the road. Workers, if they don't have them, will be rubbish everywhere in their hometown. People will not be able to work and live normed things happen from time to time Marlboro Gold. We should work hard to overcome it. Perhaps thousands of years later, the descendants of the Yellow Emperor all over the world will straighten their waists. The black eyeballs are shining with pride. They are full of enthusiasm for those who say to the people, I am Chinese! However, this is already a follow-up. Can we achieve it by relying on our own efforts to learn, and use our hands to continue the rhyme of China!

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